Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Fairground Girl gets a "thumbs up" review from Britain's top wrestling blog

The Fairground Girl and Other Attractions contains three stories about three women in three very different areas of showbusiness. The title story follows the adventures of Beatrice who runs away with fairground boy Eddie in the 1950s. The second, The Lion's Den, focuses on Charlotte, an animal rights protestor who goes undercover to expose cruelty at a circus in the 1980s. The final tale, Blue Eyes and Heels is about a girl fighting the ultimate battle of the sexes in the wrestling ring.
When I wrote Blue Eyes... I wanted to show both sides of the wrestling world: the showbiz and fakery plus the very real skill and danger that goes into putting on a show in the ring.
I wondered what wrestling fans and professionals would make of my portrayal of their world. So I'm glad to say that Julian Radbourne has called it "a very good read" and given it a "thumbs up" on The Two Sheds Review - Britain's longest-standing wrestling and mixed martial arts blog. Also that he enjoyed the Fairground Girl and the Lion's Den, too. Click here to read his review of The Fairground Girl And Other Attractions.

And click here to download the Kindle edition of the Fairground Girl from Amazon.

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