Friday, 21 June 2013

And in the blue corner... the Angel of No Mercy...

The Fairground Girl... And Other Attractions comprises three romances involving strong women in the toughest areas of showbusiness. In The Fairground Girl, Beatrice swaps suburbia for life on a travelling funfair after falling pregnant by fairground boy Eddie in the 1950s. In The Lion’s Den, Charlotte is an animal rights protester who goes undercover to expose cruelty in a circus in the 1980s, but finds her loyalties divided when she meets the charismatic lion tamer and showman, Guy.
Final story Blue Eyes and Heels is set in the world of professional wrestling where nothing is what it seems and Angel has to... well, lets ask her in this exclusive interview:

Name: Angel aka The Angel of No Mercy.

That’s an unusual name...
My real name’s Angela, but only my mum ever calls me that. Mum hates wrestling. My Granddad calls me his Little Champ. Granddad was a famous wrestler in the old days. He fought all the legends like Giant Haystacks and Kendo Nagasaki. He’s trained me since I was about five.

Was your dad a wrestler, too?
Um, do you mind if we don’t talk about Dad for a moment?

Okay, so who else is in the story?
Max Moon, the promoter, has been like a dad to me, although he drives me up the wall sometimes. He likes having me around the halls to sell tickets and hold up the card between rounds - Moonlight Wrestling Promotions needs all the glamour it can get - but he won’t let me wrestle!

Who would you wrestle if Max let you?
Psycho, definitely! Psycho’s the show’s Mr Nasty - or the heel, as we call it. He’s great at winding up the crowd. But I could bash him up easy!

But isn’t wrestling all fake?
I hate that question. It suggests there’s no skill. But wrestling is the most skilful mix of theatre and sport you could imagine. It’s incredibly skilful and if you miss-time it you better believe you’re gonna get hurt. That’s why I want to fight. I want to make British wrestling great again.

What's your best line in the story?
That's probably when Psycho asks if I'm really an angel. But you'll have to read the story to find out my reply.

Read about Angel’s no-holds-barred battle of the sexes in The Fairground Girl and Other Attractions, available to download from Amazon.

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