Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Certified Circus Fan!

Back in April, I promoted World Circus Day by talking about circus for an hour on American internet radio. So it was nice to be rewarded with this certificate from the international circus patron, Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

For a romantic tale of life and adventure in the big top, read my Julia Douglas romance, The Showman's Girl. It's available as an ebook or to borrow as a paperback from your local library.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Whacky Races - 2CVs in 24-hour Challenge

2CVs are go!
TV and movie cars often become one of the most recognisable parts of a show's brand. Who can forget the General Lee - the orange Dodge Charger in the Dukes of HazzardDel Boy's Reliant RobinLady Penelope's pink Rolls, Starsky and Hutch's red car with the white stripe, Herbie the VW Beetle or the Batmobile?

I like to give the characters in my stories interesting cars to drive, so the superannuated crime-fighters of the Blue Rinse Brigade chase villains in an equally aged and rickety maroon and cream Citroen 2CV.

The same car, with a pink and yellow paint job, shows up in Polka Dot Dreams.

"Do we have to wind it up before we get in?" wonders vintage-clad heroine Natty Smalls?

"No, you just have to put your feet through the floor and run," says boyfriend Matt.

There's something inherently clown-car-like about a 2CV. So it was amusing to find the plucky little French favourites feature in this year's only 24-hour endurance race, in a contest organised by the Classic 2CV Racing Club at the twisty-turny Anglesey Circuit in Wales on August 30 - 31.

Can you see his feet?
It's the club's 24th anniversary race. I'm still not sure if they really do have to put their feet through the floor and run, though... or just pedal really fast!