Closer! extract

“I don’t know why you didn’t just stick with Leo!” Of course, that was easy for Becky to say - radiant in her going away dress and about to fly half way around the world on her honeymoon.
Jess wouldn’t have admitted it, but as she sat on the church pew earlier and watched Becky sweep by in her dazzling white confection, she had indeed found herself thinking how easily that could have been her, standing in front of the smiling vicar, saying “I do.” She’d felt a similar wistful twinge when her other friend, Ellie, got hitched a few months before.
But it was the sun through the stained glass that made her eyes go blinky and blurry. It was the organ music, the wedding cake dress and the church bells that gave her lower lip the wobbles. It wasn’t the memory of Leo himself.
Jess found it hard to explain why. After all, he was good looking, kind... he wouldn’t be hard to “stick with.” But, as usual, Jess hadn’t let things with Leo even get off the ground.
“Where were the trumpets?” She heard herself almost shouting to Becky, above the happy din of the reception. “Where was that bolt from the blue that knocks you off your feet?”
“You sound more like you want to be struck by lighting!” Becky laughed.
“Isn’t that what everyone wants?” Jess asked. Hadn’t it been like that for Becky? She wanted to ask, but a noisy wedding reception on the dot of midnight was no place for a heart to heart. Becky had a hundred and one well-wishers vying for her attention and a whole new life waiting for her in a vintage Rolls Royce outside.
The last thing Jess heard Becky say, before she was swept away in the crowd was, “You’re such a dreamer, Jess! I don’t think you know what you want!”

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