Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How To Write And Sell Fiction To Magazines

If you've ever fancied writing short stories for magazines, here's the book for you!

How To Write And Sell Fiction To Magazines takes a unique ‘show don’t tell’ approach to selling short stories to the magazine market. Instead of telling you how to write, Douglas McPherson shows you how he wrote a dozen stories published in some of the UK’s best known and biggest-selling magazines.

Each chapter follows the step-by-step process of how the stories were conceived, developed, written and often re-written. The genres include romance, sci-fi, ghost stories, historical and twist in the tail, and each story is reproduced alongside the chapter that describes its creation, so you can see the finished product as well as how it was written.

The stories were chosen to demonstrate different aspects of the writing process from creating characters to coming up with titles that are sure-fire sellers. So as the book unfolds you’ll get a candid insight into the tricks of the trade, including:

- The foolproof formula for a romantic story.
- How to write convincingly about countries you’ve never visited.
- How to reuse old plots.
- How to rewrite a story to meet an editor’s requests and cut the length to suit the market.
- How to overcome rejection and sell initially rejected stories.

All this for around the price of a coffee!

Unlike most books about writing, which are mostly theory, all the advice in How To Write and Sell Fiction to Magazines is proven to work, since the stories it relates to have all been published.

Get a sneak preview here on the Huffington Post! And click here to read a review by Rosie Amber.