Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hollywood Hearts for under a quid!

Love, glamour and showbiz collide in seven glittering stories

In HOLLYWOOD HEARTS journalist Claudia and actor Grant's lives are entwined from the West End to Broadway and LA, but will she ever be able to tell him how she really feels? 

Dancer Pasha and singer Russell share a special bond in BREAK A HEART, but will their backstage friendship blossom into something more? 

In THE FIRST TIME amateur DJ Tina interviews a singing legend... who just happens to be an old flame. 

Louise seeks country music fame, but will she also find love on CHRISTMAS EVE IN NASHVILLE

Is THE LAST DRIVE-IN PICTURE SHOW really the end for Miranda's dreams, or could it be a new beginning? 

Buckingham Palace maid Lizzie, meanwhile, rubs shoulders with royalty in A LIFE OF LOYAL SERVICE

These starry tales by Douglas McPherson have already wowed hundreds of thousands of My Weekly readers. Find out why for less than a quid! Click here to buy Hollywood Hearts from Amazon.

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