Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Blue Rinse Brigade Great New Book!

If you’ve enjoyed the adventures of the Blue Rinse Brigade in My Weekly, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve now brought their four serials together in a new ebook that finds the four harmless-looking old ladies talking on an increasingly outlandish parade of villains from murderous circus stars to psychotic pirates.

Here’s how Evelyn first described the gang to her long-suffering son-in-law, Inspector Mervyn Pickles:

“Think of all the skill and experience going to waste,” Evelyn pleaded. “Thirty years at Scotland Yard. Ten of them leading the Murder Squad. And it’s not just me.”
Inspector Mervyn Pickles glanced nervously towards the door. “You mean there are more of you?”
“What about Maude?” said Evelyn.
“Maude?” Mervyn burst out laughing. “She’s ninety-one!”
Evelyn leaned forward, furious. “Maude was one of the top code-breakers during World War Two. She’s a mathematical genius. If it wasn’t for Maude, you’d be speaking German. Then there’s Pam...”
“Who’s eighty, with a dodgy hip...”
“.... who’s a former army medic and police pathologist,” Evelyn corrected. “What Pam doesn’t know about forensic science isn’t worth knowing. Then there’s Jane. And you know what she used to be, don’t you?”
“Surprise me,” Mervyn sighed.
Evelyn glanced over both shoulders, then muttered, “Special agent in the Cold War. Secret missions behind the Iron Curtain.”
She lowered her voice still further. “Licensed to kill.”

The Blue Rinse Brigade
as serialised in My Weekly.
Using hundreds of years of combined experience, the Blue Rinse Brigade finds our four plucky heroines tackling a a parade of increasingly outlandish villains from crazed circus performers to psychotic pirates in four thrilling comic adventures: Trouble In Store, Murder At The Circus, Murder On The Broads and Who Killed The Easter Bunny.

Available to download now from the Kindle Store.

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